Quality Garage Door Repair in Exeter, RI

Rhode Island Overhead Door has over 25 years of experience in the door service industry, ensuring that both our commercial and residential clients get the best services to keep their garage doors always in top working condition. From building a new garage to repairing your keyless entry system, we have the training, expertise and experience to deal with your needs. Additionally, we are equipped with high-end technology to ensure that every maintenance, construction and garage door repair in Exeter, RI is done successfully the first time.

How Crucial is Garage Door Repair?

A garage door is meant to keep whatever stored in your garage door safe and sound. It is likened to the main entry door to your house. Thus it is important that the door is functioning well because once there is a glitch, it can be an opportunity for criminal activity, putting not only your possessions' safety at risk but that of yourself and your family.

Another important reasons is to avoid injury and more fatal consequences. Some of the newer garage doors weigh an average of 240-250 lbs while older types may weigh about 350-360 lbs. If the door's mechanics fail and it comes crashing down, it can cause serious injury to any person underneath it or major damage to any property it crashes onto, including your precious car. You certainly don't want this from happening.

Finally, any damage to your garage door that's left ignored will only result to major problems that can cost you expensive repairs and replacements. And don't forget its effect on curb appeal!

Our team can cater to any type of garage door repair in Exeter, RI. We have handled several projects for the past years, so we can guarantee you the quality of service you deserve. If you are having any trouble with your garage door, do not delay repairs or replacements because this may lead to more serious problems. Call us today, and let us solve your garage door problem once and for all.